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Free Plant 

From July 15, 2021 you can get free saplings form Green Bird Foundation office by filling online google form for planting in your home, park, temple or anywhere near where you can take care of it. 


Based on the information given in the form we will be able to tell how many plants are planted where.


Under this campaign, we has set a target to grow at least 5000 saplings at different places.


Let's plant a tree and contribute to keep our city green.

Holding Plant

Each One Plant One Pledge

Green Birds Foundation

Green Birds Foundation

Free Distribution?

You know, over the years till now innumerable saplings have been planted but still we are facing environmental challenges and the number of trees still a matter of concern for us and the main reason is that they do not develop into big trees. 


The journey from plant to tree requires more effort and resources than just planting saplings, which is possible to fulfil through collective efforts.

For this we all have to start joint efforts together. Let's take a sapling from us and do our part to make it a big tree. 

Contact us:

Mob: +91 8696068068


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